The Johnson-Scott Scholarship

Johnson, from the graduating class of ’91, created this scholarship to support students who are bold enough to imagine a future for themselves beyond the logic of their current condition. Johnson is motivated by the memory of Brian Scott, a childhood friend and promising fellow student who lost a hard-fought battle with leukemia at only 15 years old. Acknowledging that he was blessed with the time to see some of his dreams become reality while his friend was not, Johnson is committed to investing in students driven to use their time to think outside the limits or boundaries that might be present in their lives. Without a vision that didn’t make sense, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

The award seeks applicants with a vision that looks beyond anything that their family or circle of friends can currently conceive – or beyond “conventional wisdom”. Perhaps the applicant will be the first in their family to go to college or is preparing to start a business in an emerging field; or is reaching for a leadership role; or perhaps planning to write a novel; or anything that challenges the narrative of what traditional wisdom says is possible for where they come from.


Tanaria Arnold ’20
Ka’yare Dickson ’20
Laila Garland ’20
Aaron Colston ’21
Greyton Manne ’21
Zelda Thayer-Hansen ’21
Ka’reema Abasiya ’22
Isabella Bradley ’22
Mi’Kiya Edwards ’23
Taylor Evans ’23
Carter Fry ’24
Nia Baker ’24