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Community-Sponsored Educational Initiatives

Heights Schools Foundation supports enriching after school and remote learning programs that enhance student achievement. In addition, we partner with community organizations to offer summer camps and pre-school age programming.

Heights Schools Foundation partnered with Travis Kelce’s (’08) Eighty-Seven and Running Foundation to make a strategic investment in our students’ lives. Travis and his brother Jason (’06) threw a ‘party with a purpose’ called ‘Walk the Walk’ in the summer of 2019. Inviting other alumni and community members to join them in celebrating the schools that make an impact, they raised awareness, lifted up local clothing designers, and showed friends and families what giving back big looks like. Generous guests and sponsors contributed $40,000 to the event with the Kelce brothers announcing a matching gift that night to total $80,000.

The Kelce After School and Enrichment Grant has made it possible to invest in expanding after school programs, enrichment and tutoring, and the transportation needed to get home afterward. Through this grant, access to after school offerings have become more accessible to hundreds of elementary and middle school students. With increased remote learning, enrichment and other virtual opportunities essential to enhance student learning, this fund also supported a speakers’ series to introduce career pathways and inspire dreaming big.

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