Class Reunions

Reunite with Old Friends

Heights Schools Foundation posts listings for upcoming class reunions. Check below to see if your class has reunion plans. In addition, many classes have Facebook Groups or websites, which are the easiest and most up-to-date way to stay connected. Planning a reunion event? To update us on the details, send a note to [email protected].


Upcoming Reunion Events

Class of June 1964

60th Reunion

July 19-21, 2024

Party will be held at The Winking Lizard in Bedford, OH on Saturday evening July 20, 2024.

For more information
Elaine Barenholtz Geller: [email protected]
Ruth Morgenstern Elliott: [email protected]

Class of 1969

55th Reunion

July 26-27, 2024

For more information
Sue Bruder Wold: [email protected]


Class of 1974

50th Reunion

September 21-23, 2024

For more information
Brent Routman: [email protected]
Sally Zalben: [email protected]

Class of 1979

45th Reunion

September 28, 2024

Geraci’s Pepper Pike
For more information
Margaret Slesnick: [email protected]

Class of 1989

25th Reunion

June 21-23, 2024

Friday Night, June 21: Proximity Golf
Saturday Night, June 22: Cleveland Heights Civic Center

For more information
Marcy Segal: [email protected]
Erika Brown-Wilkes: [email protected]

Class of 1994

30th Reunion

August 23-25, 2024

For more information
Bianca Whatle: [email protected]

Tips for a Successful Reunion

Form a Committee

Gather a diverse group of motivated peers to brainstorm, make decisions and divide and conquer. Schedule your first meeting as soon as possible. The more diverse the planning group is, the better the attendance.

Choose a Location(s)

Downtown or in the Heights? If you are planning a weekend of events, it is nice to offer free option(s). Consider a cookout at Forest Hills or ‘Pub Crawl’ down Lee Road. Not everyone will want to buy a ticket, no matter how great the event may be. The informal gathering is often some of the most meaningful for people, so don’t think that the only way to do a reunion is with a sit-down formal dinner.

Select Leaders

Chairperson & Treasurer are common roles. These positions are crucial in planning, so should be held by responsible and organized committee members. We recommend co-treasurers, so there are always two people checking and supporting each other if you will be collecting money or managing tickets in advance. Co-Chairs can also be great, as long as it’s clear who is doing what (and the two work well together!). Having someone in charge of communications / notes is also extremely helpful. Sometimes people use the titles “secretary” or “communications chair.” Finally, an overall “planning team” without specific titles can work as well, as long as everyone knows their roles.

Pick a Date

Whether your reunion will be one night or a weekend, the sooner you narrow down a date and get the word out, the larger the turnout will be. One great option is Homecoming Weekend. With an impressive parade down Lee Road, alumni watch parties, Friday night football game and Saturday open house at the high school, your class can re-live the experience all over again.

Utilize Social Media

Start a Facebook group for your class and encourage others to locate classmates. Use Instagram to drive people to your page.