Dr. Michael Arnold Glueck Memorial Scholarship for Writers Finding Their Voice

Dr. Michael Arnold Glueck, was a physician, writer, husband, and father. Mike Glueck was a graduate of the Cleveland Heights High class of 1956, and was later inducted into the Heights High Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame. After graduating from Cornell in 1960, he graduated from Western Reserve Med School in 1964. He served as a Lt. Commander in the Public Health Service to 1968. He finished his residency at Harvard / Mass General Hospital in 1973 and became Chief of Staff and Head of Radiology at Costa Mesa Memorial Hospital. After retiring from medicine, he became a writer on medical-legal issues and also did humorous reflections on life; he wrote over 1,000 articles for various publications, and authored the book ‘Super Soccer Saturdays’ about his son’s championship youth season.

This scholarship recognizes a student who is finding their own voice through writing, and sharing their opinions, ideas and reflections on topics of general interest to the community in a public way.


Hannah Gilson ’18
Alaysia Brooks ’19
Corrin Flowers ’20
Ethan Quill ’21
Cora Young ’22
Jaiyah McFall ’23
Elle Mueller ’23
Jacob Moore ’24