Dr. Sydney J. Goldstein June Class of 1952 Scholarship

In honor of their 75th birthday, the June Class of 1952 has established an annual scholarship fund in order to give back to their alma mater and help support current Heights High students. We hope that the recipient of this scholarship will show the same devotion to their chosen life’s work as Dr. Goldstein showed to the CHHS June Class of 1952 as its leader for 57 years.

It is awarded to a student attending college with the goal of a career in some form of public service, improving the lives of people around the world through harnessing the rapid pace of technological and scientific innovation. Public service careers may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Healthcare – doctor, nurse, psychologist, technician, etc.
  • Computer Science – cyber-security, etc.
  • Engineer – civil, biomedical, electrical, etc.
  • Scientist – environmental, conservation, chemist, etc.


William Huggins ’10, Madeline Ulrich ’11, Esther Bergson ’12, Aaliyah Saafir ’13, Garth Bennett ‘14, Emily Vinson ’15, Cherish Sanders ’16, Ben Schuster ’17, Lucille C. Ashford ’17, Sierra Schecter ’18, Rhyon Qawwee ’19, Alaysia Brooks ’20, Arianna Richards ’21, Ashley Murcia ’22, Leslie Villeda ’23, Miah Lewis-Kelly ’24