Dr. Susan Kleiner 1975


2023 Induction Speech

“I didn’t like school, yet I was curious and I loved learning. The Heights Flex and then New School Program showed me that there was an alternative path to learning about myself and the world. With that new point of view and my love of learning I was empowered to challenge myself and discover my own journey. This award is a testament to those innovative educational programs. I hope that by receiving this award I can encourage young students to seek helpful alternatives, search for their own paths and take on challenges that may offer excitement and fulfillment to their lives.” 

“If being a pioneer was easy, everyone would do it.” ~ Dr. Janice Neville, Chair of the Department of Nutrition, CWRU, 1984

Dr. Susan M. Kleiner is a pioneer in the field of nutrition, performance, and health. She is revered as a scientist, practitioner, consultant, educator, and motivator speaking worldwide to coaches, athletes, and industry on these topics. She is the founder and owner of High Performance Nutrition, LLC, where she has consulted with national and international sports teams, Olympians and elite athletes in countless sports, along with her work as an influential industry consultant.

 Dr. Kleiner is co-host of the “Your Food Matters Podcast”, and has authored 8 books, including the bestseller The New Power Eating®, as well as hundreds of scientific research publications and lay articles. She is a co-founder and fellow of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, a fellow of the American College of Nutrition, a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and The National Strength and Conditioning Association. In addition to serving on several boards, Dr. Sue is passionate about volunteer teaching in Vietnam with MEET-international.org. She is an avid adventure traveler, musician, and loves spending active time in the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest with her family and friends. 


BA Biology, Hiram College

MS PhD Nutrition and Human Performance, Case Western Reserve University

Current Occupation

High Performance Nutritionist and Owner, High Performance Nutrition, LLC

  • Pioneering a new field of sports nutrition, leading to improved care and performance for athletes and creating opportunities for future scientists and practitioners.
  • First significant research on diet and health of bodybuilders, and very first published research on female bodybuilders. These studies led to the first indication that muscle building exercise has health benefits.
  • Co-founding an academic research society: The International Society of Sports Nutrition.
  • Initiating a clinical nutrition education program and hospital department at Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Can Tho, Vietnam as the Nutrition Team Leader for the volunteer organization Medical Education Exchange Team International (www.meet-international.org).
  • American College of Nutrition Young Investigator Award (1987), JJ Turner Society Alumni Award from Hiram College (2009), Dean’s Graduate Studies Distinguished Lecture Award from CWRU School of Medicine (2021), Cleveland Heights High Distinguished Hall of Fame Award (2023)
  • Having a loving marriage, raising a healthy and happy family, living a productive active life, running a successful and meaningful practice, and acting as a role model for women and girls.