Juliana Woda, PhD ’92


“It is a huge honor to be inducted into the Height High Hall of Fame. Many of my fellow alumni and classmates have led incredibly successful lives with meaningful careers. To be nominated and to be inducted was a huge surprise and very meaningful, given the accomplishments of many of my classmates.”

“If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” ~ Albert Einstein

Many scientists are brilliant, but you wouldn’t necessarily want to hang out with them. That’s not Juliana. She can explain her research in layman terms and likewise engage folks in lively discussions about her love of Alanis Morissette, board games and reading. Juliana is an incredible role model to young scientists by volunteering at science fairs, speaking on panels and mentoring young women interested in STEM careers.

As a young child, Juliana asked lots of questions never settling for quick answers. Juliana, who attended Heights schools since kindergarten, deepened her quest for scientific learning in college going on to earning a doctorate from Harvard in her twenties. While she encountered obstacles that women in science expect, she was undeterred using her intelligence, perseverance and personality to succeed.

Today, Juliana is more than a just a researcher. She is an experiment designer, an evaluator and a consultant, too. She helps other scientists shape their work for the best experimental outcomes and chances for securing grants, the key to continued success in research. Juliana speaks comfortably to investors explaining why certain research is promising in the field of treating and curing diseases. She even co-founded a company that creates a way to tackle antibiotic resistance, making existing antibiotics more effective again. This not only saves lives but also lowers the cost to treat infections worldwide.

In her spare time, Juliana volunteers with Ronald McDonald House, Cleveland Restoration Society, United Way, Velosano (a Cleveland Clinic cancer research initiative) and her temple.


BA, Rutgers University

PhD, Harvard University

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital

Current Occupation

Senior Director and Domain Lead, Therapeutics and Diagnostics, Cleveland Clinic Innovations 

  • Discovered a novel function for protein mutated in Huntington’s Disease during postdoctoral fellowship
  • Worked in multiple biotech companies, moving several therapeutics into clinical trials 
  • Cofounded anti-microbial biotech company, Clarametyx Bioscience 
  • Help Cleveland Clinic inventors advance their research to therapeutic development, including helping launch two biotech companies 
  • Board Member, Caring Cubs 
  • First Place, in age group (45-50), in multiple local sprint triathlons