The AVI Community Excellence Scholarship

Founded in 1960, AVI Food systems has evolved into one of the most respected and trusted food service companies in the nation. Providing an essential role and service in the CHUH City School District, AVI has proudly partnered to provide meals to CHUH students for the last five years. AVI’s company commitment extends far beyond food. Among its ten core values, AVI is dedicated to Relationships, Sensitivity Toward People and Sensitivity Toward Society. As a family-owned and operated business, AVI endeavors to create meaningful relationships with the community, our nation and our world. To cultivate these values in the CHUH community, AVI offers AVI Community Excellence Scholarship awards to one or more CHUH students who contribute to their school and community through volunteering, helping to make Heights a welcoming school, or connecting with others in ways that builds relationships and understanding between people.


Alaysia Brooks ’20, Laila Garland ’20, Damari Loretz ’20, Vincent Minnillo ’20, Daria Schneiderman ’20, Samuel Mitchell ’21, Arianna Richards ’21, La’Aera Thomas ’21, Anna Turner ’21, Katerina Alden ’22, Paige Colbert ’22, Maria Fehn ’22, Emmet Fluharty ’22, Marius Coleman ’22, Taylor Evans ’23, Nogoye Cisse ’23, Clare Dolan ’23, Jordan Glover-Williams ’23, Kenji Sakaie ’23, Mazy Enders-Naeem ’24, Christopher Williams ’24, Dwayne Askew ’24, Helena Duffy ’24, Miah Lewis-Kelly ’24