The Ralph J. Musengo & Ralph J. Musengo Jr. Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Ralph J. Musengo, who served the U.S. government, in a civilian and military capacity for nearly 40 years, and his son former Heights High student Ralph J. Musengo, Jr., whose promising future ended too soon. Major James D. Musengo, U.S. Army Ret. (Class of 1978), and Mr. Fred T. Musengo (Class of 1967) offer an award to a student who values service to our country.

The student may have a parent as a military service role model, either in active-duty or as a veteran, or plan to make a personal commitment to military service.


Mykilah Lewis ’15
Demonte’ Meeks ’16
David Fleischer ’17
Matthew Kowalski ’19