Tiger Fund for Graduating Seniors

When students have done the work to be college ready, we’re going to be there to support them. Together we can ensure smaller expenses don’t get in the way of making it to a campus for further education — whether it’s a computer, special equipment, travel or commuting costs, unexpected fees or living expenses.

The truth is, college remains the greatest driver of socioeconomic mobility in America. Further, nearly two-thirds of jobs require some form of credential, certification or degree. The cost is higher than ever, but we can do our part by growing the amount of scholarship awards available for well-prepared graduating seniors. We’re committed to making sure today’s students know that Tiger Nation believes in their ability to succeed – that’s why we’re more than doubling the number of scholarship awards for the Class of 2022. 

The Tiger Fund for Graduating Seniors initiative makes dozens of $1,000 awards to help close the gap in funding for graduating seniors working hard to make their dreams come true.

Awards can be made in honor of / in memory of a special teacher or coach, a beloved family member, or a best friend

Legacy Award

Andrew Teets ’22
Allana Fair ’22

Academic Leadership Award

Thalia Lisowski ’22

Career Technical Education Award

Ashley Bandy ’22

In Memory of Sergio Abramof '75

Ka’reema Abasiya ’22, Cecilia Adams ’22, Emmanuel Adeyemon Tate ’22, Helen Barr ’22, Keonshae Boyd Bey ’22, Alexis Brown ’22, Aliya Brown ’22, Alana Cunningham ’22, Ra’Shae McGugan Daniel ’22, Ashton Everette ’22, Maria Fehn ’22, Troy Gentry ’22, James Huff ’22, Michael Moore ’22, Ashley Murcia ’22

Molly Manring Memorial Award for Vocal Music Recipients

Alexis Dixon ’21
Jackson Marshall ’21
Christian Javon Hall ’21
Katerina Alden ’22
Isabella Bradley ’22
Sophie Kramer ’22

Tiger Fund for Graduating Seniors

Brielle Boyd ’20, Christian Dillard ’20, Laynie Gosselin ’20, Cullen Martin ’20, G’avonn Armand Cheret Jackson ’21, Marissa Veccia ’21, Claire Hall ’21, Adele Dooner ’21, Sophia Forniti ’21, Emma Vail ’21, Alexis Dixon ’21, Nathalie Nicol ’22, Robert Oaks ’22, Noah Pereira ’22, Nora Lee Reinhardt ’22, Cassandra Sisson ’22, Solana Tabor ’22, Nathaniel Tyler ’22, Jade Willmore ’22, Cora Young ’22