Class of June 1956 Wins First Great Heights Give Back

In 2021, we debuted “The Great Heights Give Back,” a friendly competition of generosity amongst graduates.

Throughout the year, we tracked alumni and class donations that allow us to fund strategic priorities that help kids thrive. The response was so great that we’re bringing the race back for another year! It was a delight to watch alumni embody the giving spirit of Heights – fostering community across generational lines, and ensuring today’s students have the same – or better- opportunities than we did.

Each month, we recorded the class who donated the most, and gave them a shoutout in social media and in our monthly E-News. Some classes won by encouraging other classmates to donate either through social media, a class website, or email. Others made a collective Class gift. Five decades were represented in the top monthly winners over the course of the year.


February: 1986
March: 1976
April: 1971
May: 1955
June: 1956
July: 1948
August: 1978
September: 1965
October: 1961 & 1965
November: 1952
December: 1951

The most generous class across all of 2021 was the Class of June 1956! Donations of leftover reunion funds made the winning difference in more than one months, and secured victory for these Golden Tigers. In honor of the winning class, here are some scans from the 1956 Caldron.

We were blown away by the generosity of #TigerNation in 2021. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the inaugural Give Back! Don’t worry- the race continues into 2022. It’s not too early to give your class the boost they need to win!