Innovative Educators Win Shark Tank 2.0 Awards

CH-UH educators were recently invited to ‘swim with the sharks’ in this year’s ‘Shark Tank 2.0: The Digital Edition.’ This year’s version (loosely based on the ABC show) gave educators an opportunity to pitch their ideas through submitting a video to a panel of ‘sharks’ from the staff of the Heights Schools Foundation. Betsy Friedlander Stimpert ’90 and Julianna Johnston Senturia ’87 reviewed each submission and made awards to staff.  The complete list of winners and their projects can be found below. A total of 18 projects were given awards ranging from $200 to $500 – and every school in the district had at least one project, totaling just under $9,000.

Senturia said, “There were so many good ideas, we’re giving additional awards this year.”

Some of the creative videos included students and others focused on a well-developed, informative explanation. The Foundation is grateful to staff for submitting so many high quality ideas and to our donors and supporters who make this work possible. Shaker Tank is possible in large part because of the funds raised at the Annual Community & Alumni Pancake Breakfast – coming up on April 7th @Heights.  “I hope we’ll have even more attendees this year – with an auction and pop-up spiritwear shop- it will be a fun morning! That would mean even more innovation awards for teachers next year!”

Our favorite videos can be found on our YouTube Channel and will be highlighted on our Facebook page throughout the month of March.

The full list of awards:

Shu Hui Lin Heights High School 9-12, Chinese, World Language Department Promote Chinese language and world cultural understanding through research projects, art, martial arts and dance through celebrations related to Chinese New Year.
Jessica Valentino-Artman Canterbury Elementary Spanish K-5 Ipads/cases for students to record audio/video, create projects and explore around the world.
Sara Friedel Noble Kiwanis Kids Club- open to all students Programming for the entire school by Cleveland-Upcycle on how to create art from recyclables.
Cindy Rakow, Esther Graber, Paula Lucas Rox El, FF, Oxford, Gearity, and Canterbury Occupational Therapy- kindergarten classrooms Purchasing fine motor tools/toys for all OT kindergarten classrooms to support development of fine motor control and coordination.
Sarah Parker Heights High School 9-12 CTE Marketing Management/DECA For two students who are attending the International Career Development Conference in Orlando, to attend DECA Day at the water park.
Jennifer Thomas Roxboro Elementary 5th Funding for ‘Children’s Ink’ which showcases students poetry with guest speakers and musical performances.
Julie Walker Boulevard 4th – all Provide supplies for enrichment clubs in all 4th grade classrooms.
Sherri Bellini Boulevard Elementary 4th grade Materials for an Entrepreneur Fair for students to budget, make, market and sell products.
Laura Preston Boulevard 4th Provide all 4th graders with a copy of “The Wild Robot Escapes”, a sequel to “The Wild Robot”.
Abi Adeyemon Heights High Spanish Level 1 Funding for several students to study abroad in Guatemala.
Mark Dougherty Heights Middle School Grades 6-8, Spanish Take Back the Night rally & march to educate about and provide a voice for the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.
Doug Reble Heights High Grades 9-12, All Subjects ,Sped Expand the cooking program to include more complex recipes.
Angelique Troy Monticello Grades 6-8, Visual Art Art supplies for students to design signage that informs and creates an aesthetic upgrade for the urban demonstration farm.
Sarah Schlafer Oxford Elementary PK- 5 Music 11 Remo Rhythm drum lids with buckets to enhance a wide variety of educational needs.
Karly Bowman Canterbury Elementary K-5 Music 3 tubano drums for educational enrichment.
Tamara Heldman Noble and Gearity 3-5 Gifted ELA & Math Lego Mindstorm EV3 kit and software program to promote logical thinking and math skills.
Sarah Adair Oxford Elementary 2nd Grade All Subjects Trip to Lake Metropark Environmental Learning Center to learn about force and motion.
Brian Stern Gearity Elementary Grades 3-5 Materials to create Starry Night Cleveland a STEM circuit lesson utilizing LED lights, circuits and batteries.