Student Voices – Class of 2022 Tiger Fund for Graduating Seniors Award Winners


Each year, some of the student essays stand out and capture the moment beautifully. Graduation is both a time of endings and a time of beginnings, of realizations and reflections. Take a few moments to see how this is captured in excerpts from students’ application essays.

“On my mother’s side, each of her 5 siblings graduated and played sports at Heights. Many of my cousins in turn graduated and played sports at Heights. Heights High School will always be a connection between me and my family, and soon to me and my friends. So many opportunities were open to me because of this school, many that will stick with me as I grow”. – Cecilia Adams ‘22

“I’m extremely fortunate to have gone to a high school that pushed me academically, exposed me to incredible students and teachers, and offered numerous engaging extracurricular activities. I came in contact with many that inspired me in my learning and life.” – Keonshae Boyd Bey ‘22

“Like many Heights graduates, I am proud to be a member of Tiger Nation, and I plan to give back to my district in whatever way possible, whether it be monetary donations and supporting Heights’s academic courses and extracurriculars or simply sending my children to CHUH schools. I am proud that my name will forever be attached to the great Cleveland Heights High School and CHUH School District, along with all those who completed their education in Cleveland Heights and continued on to become successful.” – Ashton Everette ‘22

“Being a Heights tiger means so much more than achieving academic goals and showing up to class on time. It means becoming a family and sharing experiences to help make the process easier for those who follow after us.” – Allana Fair ‘22

“A few weeks ago my swim team competed at Sectionals. We’re often considered the underdogs, especially at bigger meets, not because we lack skill or ability, but because we’re a small team in comparison to most of the other teams. However, looking at our cheering section in the stands one would think we were actually one of the biggest teams there. Friends, family, teachers, and even alumni from decades before, wearing black and gold, were waving Tiger Nation flags and cheering each and every one of us on.” – Emmet Fluharty ‘22

“Heights gave me the opportunity to be the first in my family to even be able to complete college classes, especially at my young age. I was able to expand myself with better opportunities without my parents needing to pay a dime for my college education. For this, I may say I am extremely grateful for the expenses within the Heights Community. I was able to gain experiences and skills that my parents would have never been able to teach me as they never had experience with high school or college classes.” – Ashley Murcia ‘22

“I was talking to one of my dear friends from Texas as we spoke about the diversity of the students in our schools and that’s when I found out many schools aren’t very diverse. I believe graduating as a Tiger nation helps me explore and understand other cultures and experiences I don’t think I’d get from any other school… this not only makes me genuinely feel joy but it also makes me appreciative of the opportunities this school has given me.” – Robert Oaks ‘22

“I know that being a Heights student means that we are creative, accepting, kind, responsible, respectful, resourceful, and connected to our peers and staff in ways that help us through hard times. There is always someone to lean on at Heights, there is always someone new to meet at Heights, and there is always a new relationship that can bloom every day at Heights. This is because we are a strong community that will rise up for each other.” – Solana Tabor ‘22

“Graduating from Heights High and joining over 55,000 alumni will always be a privilege. However, this journey is far from over as I will always be a part of Tiger Nation. Once I graduate, I will still carry the values instilled in me and all Heights High students throughout my life. These values include self-direction, integrity, responsibility, and respect. As I begin my journey down an unfamiliar path, it is important to rely on these values during troublesome times. I may not know where life is taking me, but Heights High has prepared me to handle unfamiliar situations. “ – Andrew Teets ‘22