Kelce’s ‘Walk The Walk’ Raised $80,000 for After School Programs

This summer, the Heights Schools Foundation partnered with Travis Kelce’s (’08) Eighty-Seven and Running Foundation to make a strategic investment in kid’s lives. Travis, joined by brother Jason (’06) threw a ‘party with a purpose’ called ‘Walk the Walk’. Inviting other alumni and community members to join them in celebrating the schools that make an impact, they raised awareness, lifted up local clothing designers, and showed friends and families what giving back big looks like.

Generous guests and sponsors contributed $40,000 to the event, and Travis Kelce and his brother Jason, announced a matching gift that night, to total $80,000. The grant has made it possible to invest in expanding after school programs, enrichment and tutoring, and the transportation needed to get home afterward. Because of the grant, access to after school offerings have become more accessible to hundreds of elementary and middle school students.

At each middle school, students can now access a range of enrichment activities and academic support followed by a bus ride home on two selected days a week. All elementary schools are offering a range of new tutoring, sports, or enrichment programming, followed by targeted transportation offerings where needed the most. Further, when programs are not free, scholarships are available for any student to level the playing field.

We’re grateful that the Kelce brothers are giving back to the Alma Mater that shaped their lives. Both Travis and Jason were inducted into the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame in 2018. Watch their acceptance speeches here starting around minute fifty-six.

Photos from ‘Walk The Walk’ Summer, 2019.

Jason Kelce (left) and Travis Kelce (right)
Stephen [06] and Shanice [06] Settle. Shanice serves on the Heights Schools Foundation Board of Trustees.
Alex Quintana ’91







Harris Senturia ’87 (left) Dr. Susan D. Carver ’78, President of the Heights Schools Foundation (center) and Julianna Johnston Senturia ’87, Executive Director (right)

Longtime CHUH educator Jennifer Thomas with spouse, Mike, checking out the art at Red Space.