Your Donations at Work: Tiger Camp


The halls of Heights High look a little different this summer. The usual bustle of high school students has been replaced with the excited sounds of young voices and the patter of little feet. Over the past two months, Heights High has welcomed hundreds of campers, ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade, onto its campus for its first ever Tiger Camp. The CH-UH website summarizes the aims of the program as follows,

The Tiger Camp model focuses on the various aspects of student development: Academic, Social, Emotional, and Physical well-being along with mentorship and leadership. Campers have been working to develop academic skills through daily activities focused on improving outcomes for math, reading, writing, and speaking. After a year of remote learning, the CH-UH Tiger Camp encourages hands-on engagement, fun outdoor activities, and building positive relationships, skills, and routines that foster student readiness and success. 

Tiger Camp has exemplified the ways in which our community comes together to support its youngest members. Much of the camp was possible with the help of generous support from the Fairmount Presbyterian Church. MetroHealth operated a clinic offering immunizations and other pediatric healthcare. District teachers worked with campers every morning, while Heights Libraries visited the camp weekly to provide books, host story time, and teach coding lessons. My Village Yoga and Cleveland Urban Swim brought yoga and swimming lessons to the camp. Creativity also had a place to shine, with the help of Lake Erie Ink to teach creative writing and Djapo Cultural Arts Institute to pass on the traditions of African drumming and dance.

Tiger Camp officially wrapped up on July 30th, marking a successful end to the unprecedented program. Over nearly two months, 559 K-8 students attended camp, with another 243 high school students attending summer credit recovery or summer school. Just today, we received thank you notes from campers in our Bridges 2 Algebra program with messages such as “I’m really happy that I can get back into advanced math because of your support. You are giving other students like me another chance to get back on track. We are all grateful for all that you have done for us,” and “thank you, you gave me a second chance to catch up. The donated money gave me a chance to learn in person which is way easier than learning online.” Heights Schools Foundation is so proud to be able to pass these notes of gratitude on to our generous supporters. None of this would have been possible without the incredible generosity and dedication of our community!