Senior Recognition – Class of 2022 Scholarships


At the end of May, awards were made to the Class of 2022. Thanks to generous support from alumni and community members, Heights Schools Foundation made $55,000 in scholarship awards!

The Heights Schools Foundation scholarship committee, working in conjunction with Heights High staff, considered applications in more than a dozen categories from scholar-athletes to musical excellence. We’re so proud of the brand new alumni! The spirit of awards is beautifully captured by Alanna Fair, winner of the Tiger Fund Legacy Award. A selection of her winning essay is listed below.

“As someone who was born and raised in Cleveland Heights, has a father who has graduated and coached at Cleveland Heights High School, and has also had my aunty, cousins, and sisters graduate from this school, it feels like a rite of passage for me. Growing up in this community and surrounded by the amazing coaches and teachers truly made this place feel like home to me. Every bond I’ve created here will always be treasured in my heart. I’m so glad to have been able to be in this school district since kindergarten and grow in such a warm, welcoming community.

As a person of color, being in classrooms with students and teachers who looked like me and even having coaches who looked like me was very reassuring to help me find my confidence and make me feel comfortable in my body. Being a Heights tiger means so much more than achieving academic goals and showing up to class on time. It means becoming a family and sharing experiences to help make the process easier for those who follow after us. I’m glad to be able to have my little brother go to this school and be here to see him adjust to his freshman year. I do believe that this is where I belong, and I will always have a strong connection to this place…”

You may find descriptions of each award HERE.

The awards night ceremony began with a beautiful version of the Alma Mater.